Off to the Races

I revived this look from my February archives, which seems like only yesterday. This was taken right about when I got back from London, and when the weather was cooler. A lot cooler. As you might be able to tell, summer does not factor in well with my wardrobe. All black looks (which I opt for more often than not) become their own level of hell, right below thigh chaffing. So in the meantime, I’d like to keep my thoughts in the realm of duster coats and sneakers.


The crazy fashion scene in London can almost be infectious, and this look is proof. With the London fashion mantra still all up in my energy, I threw some random pieces in my closet together and just hoped for the best. It didn’t come out too bad, either. I have on checkered Unif slacks, paired with an old-school Tupac tee, and my Nike Airmax 97s. Let me tell you about these sneakers. They dropped on the very day of my flight back home, so you know what your girl had to do. I was lined up outside the store, in the rain, at 7 am. After about three hours, and one too many lash-outs, the doors opened and I managed to cop the last pair in my size. Soaked, tired, but successful.



TSHIRT – Urban Outfitters

COAT – Monki (similar)

PANTS – Unif

BELT – Homme Boy (similar)

BAG – Supreme


FRAMES – Vintage MaxMara (similar)




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