“Girl Boss” Campaign with Netflix Mena + Playlist!

If you’ve been around for a while, you’d know that I am a huge Nasty Gal fan. Behind the online shopping classic that supplies some of my most prized pieces is rightfully proclaimed “Girl Boss,” Sophia Amorusso.  After the success of her New-York times best seller, my girl Sophia landed her very own show on Netflix that released this May, and I was lucky enough to join 29 other girl bosses from all over the region to celebrate with Netflix MENA in Dubai. We all joined forces to launch Netflix’s “Girl Boss” campaign, taking place throughout the month of Ramadan. Officially launched on Doorha-botoula.com, the site features profiles for each of the girls, who used their creative talent to create a piece based on their favorite female Netflix character. On each day of the month, a profile is unlocked and you get to know the girl boss of the day and peep the piece she created for the campaign.

When Netflix asked me to pick a character, the first to come to mind was Mylene Cruz from The Get Down. If you’re not familiar with the series, it tells the story of the birth of Hip-Hop in New York during the 60’s and 70’s through the struggles of underprivileged youth. The history- the music, the struggle of the era, as well as the stunning wardrobe is captivating, and fuses effortlessly with characters you can’t help but fall in love with. Mylene, a teenage girl raised in a conservative family in the Bronx, has dreams of making it as a Disco star, and defies all odds against her to achieve that goal. Now by no means do I possess any musical talent, but I do know Mylene’s struggle with self-liberation and the scariness of going against the grain all too well. To all my Arab women- I’m sure we all do. At some point, we must take society’s obsession with our containment into our own hands, and free ourselves. There is a collective power in that shared experience, one that gives Arab women a certain resilience and strength that is hard to come across anywhere else.

Apart from our similar mantras, Mylene and I also share a deep love for music. The power of music is its unbeatable ability to fuel movements and unify people across cultures and creeds. The 60’s and 70’s were a particularly transformative time for music, as the world witnessed Hip Hop’s emergence, especially coming from New York. The boom of culture and Hip-Hop following the disco era on the East Coast has undeniably given us some of the greats, including The Get Down‘s executive producer, the man, Nas. As a continuation of my last playlist, coincidentally centering around “Girl Boss” anthems, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite East Coast legends. If I had a soundtrack to my life, you best believe you’d hear Biggie and Jay on it. In the mix I also feature some up-and-coming East Coast artists that I’ve been into lately, like Princess Nokia. Check out the playlist on Spotify down below, or Apple music here: goo.gl/QpgkA9

Real quick, I wanna thank Netflix MENA for choosing me to take part in the campaign with so many other inspiring Arab women powering the region’s creative community. Peep the shoot I did portraying Mylene and the rest of  my profile on Doorha-botoula.com, and check back for the rest of the girl bosses’ profiles to unlock as the month rolls out!


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