Summertime Fine

A final ode to my favorite season. While I’m not a fan of scalding heat in conjunction with the dress code of conservative society, I can’t deny a distinct bliss that laces these few months. With that being said, I like to view the dress code thing as a challenge. I’m still unapologetically serving looks that I love, which I know irks some people, but hey! My skin’s not on display so y’all can stay mad! (y’all = weirdos on the street and anonymous instagram accounts, not you. I’m sure you’re cool.)

Today’s look is inspired by the goddesses of a golden era in fashion and culture, the 90’s. Think J-L0, Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child YoncĂ©, but with my usual touch of grunge. It’s all about balance. The femme bougie thing going on with the scarf-turned-top was balanced out with a huge vintage leather jacket. The obnoxious pink of my pants was balanced out by their structured, classic worker silhouette. It’s an art. I love this look because every piece is so different, but like many other things in my life, just about manages to come together. If I must close off summer in the city, you already know I’ll be doing it in this!



T O P – Chanel

J A C K E T – Vintage

P A N T S – Dickies

S H O E S – Buffalo

F R A M E S – Vintage Chanel


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