If you’re a makeup fan like me, or have simply scrolled through Instagram in the past few days, then I’m sure you’ve heard. Rihanna has launched her own line of makeup, slaying lives and taking names in yet another industry. Naturally, I rushed to the nearest Sephora at 10 AM on the dot last Friday, in hopes to cop the best of the collection, and I did. Before I get into it, let me just say that Rih’s concept and branding is on point. Fenty Beauty is making products that everyone can love, and that was proven in the sick promo videos- casting was perfect with Halima Aden, Duckie, and Slick Woods. But back to makeup, the line really killed it for me overall, and I’d highly recommend checking it out if it’s not sold out near you yet. Here’s what I picked up, what I loved, what I didn’t. Let’s go.




Rih’s “match stix” range from matte contour shades all the way to blinding shimmers and unconventional pigments.  I personally prefer powder contour, so I thought I’d stick to the shimmers with this one. I picked up the shades “Yacht Life,” a glowy coral blush, “starstruck,” a classic champagne-colored highlight, and “confetti,” a cool lilac shade with a little more glitter pay-off. I’ve been testing out all three and can 10000% say these are my favorite cream blush/highlight products. Similar products I’ve tested out are either too creamy and pigmented, or too dry and impossible to blend. These, however, are the perfect middle ground. The shade range is pretty unique too. “Starstruck” is perfect for your typical full beat, but you also got “Confetti” too for serving ethereal alien goddess looks, as one does. The brush on the other hand, I’m not a fan of at all. It is too dense and short to blend out the product flawlessly. It gets the job done, but is definitely unnecessary if you already got your staple brushes on standby. Overall though, testing these out has been a lot of fun, and I can definitely see them becoming a part of my daily routine.




If I’m being honest, I only picked this up because it was really cute. And I’m not wrong. However, it is almost annoying to keep pulling the blotting paper out of this contraption. The paper gets stuck, and you often find yourself repositioning it into the little plastic roll inside. But the paper itself does work pretty well, and I’d consider the packaging to be worth the hassle.




Thissss is the star of the show, no doubt. I picked up the shade “Trophy Wife” and it is pure gold, laced with blinding glitter. There is no product on the market with this intense of a glow. With that being said, it is definitely a bold, editorial look. I wouldn’t wear this on the daily unless I just dabbed the tiniest bit on. Even so, I’d only need one swipe of the brush for the blinding glow that this was intended to create. It’s THE most impressive highlighter I’ve tried to date, and that’s coming from a girl with Anastasia and Becca highlights STACKED in my makeup closet. Rih did that.




This is sooooo good y’all. The “Gloss Bomb” only comes in one color that is supposed to be a neutral, everyday gloss for everyone, and I think Rih really did accomplish that. The texture is FLAWLESS- not too thick or sticky, and so moisturizing even after you take it off. This is the perfect staple gloss, and I know I’ll be wearing it all the time.


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